R100 – South Africa

Augmenta has researched the way businesses and consumers utilise and are exposed to AR+ technology over the past few months. We’ve activated AR+ campaigns in various print titles and had success in that regard but have realised that the time has come to put the product in everyone’s hands. The “World Currency” campaign we are rolling out does not pigeon hole the end user by placing the technology in a certain publication or on certain packaging where some may not have interest in that particular field. Now you able to use Augmenta technology on something that 99.9% of people have access to… banknotes.

By scanning any South African, UK or USA banknote, users can unlock premium video content that relates to the National currency they use and be directed elsewhere online. Not only this but users can now share their Augmenta experience on social platforms, thus driving the message further and maximising exposure.

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