Studio Independent, the digital division of Independent Media Group, are using the Augmenta plugin within the IOL and individual title apps extensively already. They have activated a number of campaigns, driving users to their newspapers and content with rich video and animated content triggered from their print and press publications.

Augmenta was nominated for a IAB Bookmarks award in the AR and VR category after having rolled out augmented reality campaigns with The Independent Media Group.

Now readers are able to use the in app Augmenta module in the IOL app to scan images and articles in their favourite newspapers to enhance their reading experience with rich video content. Not only this but they can then be redirected anywhere on the web for further reading or even to purchase a product on an e-commerce platform and share it on social media. Download the free IOL app on iOS and Android below and pick up your favourite local Independent Media newspaper and enjoy your digitally enhanced reading experience.

Augmenta in app module - IOL

Using Augmenta through the IOL in app module now allows users to watch premium video content in the pages of their favourite daily newspapers.

The project has 4 distinct purposes:

  • To drive IOL app downloads
  • Bridge the gap between print and digital by offering an in app tech solution to a print medium whereby premium video content is served to readers and huge value is offered to advertisers
  • Increase ad revenue through sales for the group as a whole
  • Data / Analytics reporting

Independent Media - Press Release

The future of newspapers is here!

Your favourite Independent newspapers are now augmented. Which means that stories and adverts published in all our titles across South Africa now come with additional value. This includes videos; slideshows; one click purchases and other digital links to help you get the best out of your reading experience.

Independent Media, supported by Augmenta, has launched a new editorial and advertising augmented reality (AR+) experience that allows you – the reader – to access exciting digital content using your smartphone or tabloid while reading the newspaper.

For advertisers, AR offers an opportunity to use Independent Media newspaper titles to direct readers to your website; your e-commerce sites as well as audio and video which will deepen their engagement with your brand or company.

Chief Strategy Officer, Vasantha Angamuthu, said AR is an exciting opportunity for the group’s editorial and sales teams to create more value for readers and advertisers.

Augmented Reality, where we overlay the real world with digital or virtual information, is the future of all media and will help us serve our advertisers and readers better,” she said.

Independent Media is fast becoming one the world’s most innovative and agile media groups. Such a partnership contributes towards Augmenting Africa’s reality,” said Rich Cheary, CEO at Afrozaar, which developed the AR tool.

Using AR is a simple process. If a picture in the newspaper has an AR+ prompt, you’ll know there is additional content that you can access.

Readers then use the free IOL app to access the digital content that accompanies the newspaper.

Viewing the content is a simple 4 step process …

First, you need to download the free IOL app in your app store – it’s available for both iOS and Android.
Once you’ve done that, whenever you see an AR+ prompt on a picture or article in the paper, open your IOL app
Tap the camera button
Tap “SCAN” and aim your camera at the picture.

You will now be able to see the page come to life with video content. Additionally, you can then access other digital content right there and then.