Richard Cheary

BaobabSuite AR Card

WHAT IS BAOBAB SUITE? CENTRALISED MULTI-CHANNEL ENGINE FOR DIGITAL PUBLISHING AND STREAMING. BaobabSuite is a digital platform which enables publishing, video streaming and media distribution  across multiple channels (web, social, apps and wire feeds). Its digital first CMS, Content APIs and plugin framework provide efficient and scalable aggregation and accessibility of media streams . …

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BiblioDAM and Imigino AR Card

WHAT IS BIBLIODAM and IMIGINO? AI ENRICHED MEDIA LIBRARY FOR ADVANCED SEARCH AND STREAMING PERFORMANCE Centralising digital assets in the cloud secures valuable media IP while allowing access from authorised users anywhere in the world –

MobileAppSuite AR Card

WHAT IS MOBILE APP SUITE? STRENGTHENING BUSINESSES and BRANDS WITH THEIR OWN DIGITAL MOBILE APP COMMUNITY Brands can establish sustainable, engaged mobile communities with affordable mobile community apps that can be white labelled to reflect brand identity 

WebSuite AR Card

WHAT IS WEBSUITE? Radically improve mobile web performance, user experience and monetisation WebSuite PWA plugin provides an app-like experience on the web for mobile users with optimised functionality for content-rich websites. This is achieved using the PWA bundle of web technologies. The Publisher’s Toolbox team have built a WordPress PWA framework and can be themed with …

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Augmenta AR Card

WHAT IS AUGMENTA? Augmented reality is the future – and now it’s for everyone. Augmenta makes it easy to create scannable AR activations – allowing anyone to deliver compelling digital experiences. Bring your art project, branded collateral, company logo, print publication, branded clothing and more to life with no code or technical know-how required. Let …

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MojoReporter AR Card

WHAT IS MOJOREPORTER? MojoReporter provides a simplified, standardised and collaborative experience for mobile storytellers wanting to share their digital collection of videos, photos, audio and GPS locations with friends, colleagues and media teams Powerful branded media collection platform For brands or publishers, collecting digital content from a team of content freelancers, brand ambassadors, influencers or …

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