Bring your
brand to life

Augmenta allows a brand to communicate with its users through augmented reality (AR) simply by scanning an activated image.

What can Augmenta
do for you?​

Augmenta gives print and online campaigns a digital boost, connecting retailers and manufacturers, and allowing shoppers and readers a digitally enhanced experience.

With Augmenta, you can easily create your own interactive augmented reality experiences, with no code or technical know-how required. You’ll be up and running in no time, and we’ve got everything you need to ensure your project is a success.

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Try it out

Download the FREE Augmenta app from Google play or the App Store and scan this image.

Want to learn more?

Augmenta can be white labeled to reflect your own brand identity

Your very own white labelled version of Augmenta bundles the full scope of functionality of AR into an Android or iOS app giving your app the capability of scanning and viewing your AR campaigns created in the Augmenta campaign manager.

Do you have an existing app where augmented reality could enhance its capabilities?​

Utilising our in-app module, Augmenta can be integrated into an existing app enhancing functionality to the existing platform without costly redesign or extended development.

The Augmenta module bundles the full scope of functionality in Augmenta into a Software Development Kit (SDK) to be integrated into your Android and iOS apps existing code giving your app the capability of scanning and viewing your AR+ campaigns created in the Augmenta Campaign Manager.

It's not only print that can be augmented.

LogoScan is a similar augmented reality mobile app that is used to bring logos to life. It is a brand communication mechanism through AR where scanning the brand logo can activate the current campaign or promotion.